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As a realtor we know you want to refer your clients to the best service providers. Your clients build a trusting relationship with you not only in your field of work but your reliance in the companies you refer. Home Pro Inspections will best represent the client while also protecting your reputation by providing a level of service that will show your commitment to excellence.


What we offer you and your client:

• Convenient scheduling Monday-Sunday by phone, 24/7 website scheduling, or email.

• Understanding of time restraints within the Option Period and scheduling in a timely manner.

• Inspection software that generates color photos, an easy to read format, which includes a SUMMARY PAGE, an emailed report in pdf format.

Summary page includes: major concerns, items not operating, safety hazards, improvement items, and items to monitor. 

• Friendly professional inspector that communicates with clients upon arrival.

• A walk through with clients to convey findings and recommendations in a clear manner using a non-alarming approach. (with an educational walk-through for 1st time home buyers.)

• Termite inspection with on-site printed report.

• Carbon Monoxide testing in homes that have gas fired appliances.

• Foundation inspections for HUD manufactured homes. 

• Available to answer any questions that may arise anytime.

• An inspector with 15 years of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing background. 



Pre-listing Inspections or Seller Inspections






Realtors Home Pro Inspection
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